Ali is not a citizen. He drives a taxi using another man’s license and relies on the GPS to negotiate his way around a city he doesn’t know. His last fare for the night is Esther, an 88-year-old woman who settles into the back seat of the cab and forgets where she is going. She is hostile because she is lost, but Ali refuses to be the scapegoat. What they have in common is their damage; she cannot remember, and he cannot forget. On the road at night the taxi becomes a refuge as well as a prison.



WE HAVE COMPLETED SHOOTING. Ali Al Jenabi and Imelda Bourke have created emotionally rich, lively performances that touch the heart and mind.

POST PRODUCTION HAS BEGUN! We are now embarking upon the most expensive part of the process. Our tasks from here are:

  • proceed to fine cut edit
  • create the visual effects and green-screen backplates
  • colour grade
  • sound design, music composition, final mix
  • produce master copy and output to required formats
  • create the marketing package and get our wonderful film into festivals in Australia and overseas

We have closed our donation site but if you would like to help us along with a donation you are very welcome to become part of the project. 


CONTACT US DIRECTLY; madoblack@gmail.com or call 0400368861 for further enquiries.